What’s in front of you today? What do you see every day? Why not join in? Don’t forget to visit Myfanwy and Mara to see their offerings this week too. Please link back to this post so we can come and visit. 

The above is certainly something I see every day, with very few exceptions. We have two elevators in the building. That’s a good thing as one is not enough. That’s something we all became painfully aware of last year, when they were renovating them. We only had one running, for about six months. It could have been a social event «Get to know your Neighbour», but when you’ve waited for ages for the elevator to arrive, and then you’re like packed sardines in there …. nah!

All is good now, and the best thing is they’ve started to wire the buildings for fibre optics now!!! Last night they were here, on our floor! Yay!

So … take a pic of something mundane, perhaps write a few lines about it you feel like it. Post a link to your blog in Myfanwy’s comments and we’ll all be linked in this bloghop 🙂

11 thoughts on “Minding the Mundane ~ just thursday-bloghop

  1. That photo looks so real! I want to push the buttons!!! LOL

    Yay you’re getting closer and closer to the fibre optics!! 😀


  2. I’m just checking out some of the blogs I follow and I love this picture! Unfortunately, I can’t tell you why (maybe it’s the organization of the number or the pure simplicity) but I love it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. why, Thank You! 🙂

      That happens to me, every now and then; I fall for a photo, but have no idea why, really. I add them to ‘Favourites’ in Flickr and go back and look at them.


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