all of you who like to write

Found these, two services last night. I’d never seen, nor heard of them before. Seems to be a way of sharing your stories with other writers or just to get them out there. is invite only, but I got my invitation after just a few hours.

Medium is founded by Ev Williams … same guy who started Twitter.

5 thoughts on “all of you who like to write

  1. I just looked at Medium. Had never heard of it. Interesting but probably not for my simple ways.
    I keep thinking back to 360 and even Multiply. It was neat to really work on those pages to make them yours. Now I can’t even remember how I did it. I did have help from you and Mona. I challenged, myself, more back then.


    1. They’re not for me either, but I think for lots of people they would be good. They seem pretty active too.

      That part of both Y360 and Multiply, was fun. You can’t do much here that way … you can change theme, sometimes put in a header and/or background of your own … that’s all.


  2. Its not for me, I am very hesitant about what I write about myself on the internet. I have the feeling that Big Brother is watching me LOL. BTW I heard today in the radio that we can flood NSA if we in every mail and every other thing we write have a sentence about bombs and end the conversation with Allah Akbar – so now its done LOL


    1. I guess these two services are mostly for the ones who write fiction, ‘n stuff like that.
      In Sweden it’s called NRA. «NRA – den enda myndighet som verkligen lyssnar på mig!» 😀
      I can’t make up my mind, how much I should care about all this crap?! I don’t want my online life to be driven by fear/paranoia, but it IS creepy.


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