late night reading

Every night, before falling asleep, I read. Always have a book going, and this has been going on for years. It’s a die hard habit. When I moved here, eleven years ago, I started reading in English. Bought books at the annual English book fair in Quebec City, then we moved here to Saint John, and I can buy or borrow anywhere I want.

IMG_1214-minLast year, when I was back in Sweden, visiting, I went to the library and got myself a library card. Started to borrow eBooks to keep up with my favourite [and new], Swedish authors.

Reading in English every night has been good for my vocabulary. Learning a language is an ongoing process … it can never stop … and I’m always eager to pick up new words and expressions. With my newly acquired, Swedish, library card, reading in Swedish felt like … an indulgence! So relaxing! Never having to stop and sort of … «taste» a word … memorizing. Not that I did that all the time, while reading in English either, but it happened … when I saw something that either was important to the context or looked otherwise interesting. Wouldn’t have had any idea what a «settee» was, for example, had I not read all those books about Liverpool, UK by Maureen Lee. While reading, it was pretty obvious it was a sofa, so there I learned something new.

For almost a year now, I’ve been indulging myself with reading in my native tongue every night … until a couple of days ago! I couldn’t log in … not download! I wrote to them the following morning and it’s now straightened out, but something is wrong with the reading app, so I have to read in the browser. Woe is me! :D This is not a problem they have in the Third World, methinks LOL

Either way, it’s good to remind oneself every now and then, how much you appreciate the little things in life.