oh, to be that young…

Most of the time … I’d say 99% of the time … I’m happy with being the age I am. The one per cent, when I find myself wishing I was born much later, has to do with web/computer stuff. There are so many things I would have loved to learn … coding, most of all … creating WordPress themes and stuff like that. I know, I know … they tell me it’s never too late to learn, but c’mon … I’m getting close to sixty and “my future is already in the rear view mirror” :D I’ve settled for admiring other people’s work. Also, I’m grateful for having lived in both worlds … i.e. before the Internet, which enables me to appreciate it all! I’ve lived with razor blades for correcting typos on the typewriter!

As late as 1995 I was still sitting in a hospital,  typing on a typewriter. The smaller clinics, outside the hospital were computerized, and that caused a bit of confusion. There were doctors, who’d worked outside, who asked me questions like, «could you, please, MOVE that paragraph up there?!», when I was typing something up with two carbon copies! :)

Now … thinking about all this, there’s one aspect of it that outweighs every dream I might have had of becoming a theme creator: cyber bullying. That is something that sends chills up my spine, and I have enough imagination to realise the sufferings many kids must go through today! We had one example here, in our neighbouring province, Nova Scotia … a girl who was given lots of booze at a party, got raped when she was unconscious, filmed/photographed with a smartphone, and all the footage distributed around the school. She eventually killed herself. That’s just one example!

I can vividly recall what it was like, being in school at that age, when you were still a bit uncertain of your identity, trying to fit in … all the girls, the «it-girl» and all that … they could be really mean! I was lucky, but I remember the less fortunate ones, and can only imagine all the evil ways they could have come up with today, with Facebook and smartphones.

Those were the thoughts that came up in my mind, just by looking at some WordPress themes!


photos of saint john

We have Gerry’s son visiting here, from Quebec. The other day, we were in the uptown area, walking from one of the shopping centres, Market Square, up to the old City Market. This involved walking across St. Patrick Street in a, what they call, pedway, which is glassed in.

I decided to take a shot with my iPhone through the glass, while we were on the pedway.

IMG_0375Didn’t come out all that bad, the day was overcast, but this is the strangest thing and the second time it’s happened to me; There’s no traffic and no people in the picture. This is purely coincidental, as this is a really busy intersection.

Here’s another one, from 2010, that I took of a likewise, busy, intersection … not a car in sight, and I didn’t notice until I got back home and brought it up on the screen.

union55When I look at it now, I realise this photo would probably be suitable for a little HDR treatment, but I’m not too keen on that and besides, I don’t have the software.




Hadn't seen these guys in a while...

Hadn’t seen these guys in a while…

Yesterday, they [WordPress] released two, new themes … two free themes, actually. Not too many of my readers are interested in this stuff, but I know few are.

When there are new releases, I always try them out, if for nothing else, to see what they’ve come up with. It’s almost like fashion … there are trends! For example, to put the menu/navigation underneath one of those «hamburger» icons. Personally, I’m not a big fan of that — I still like to keep the menu visible, and preferably under the header photo if I have one. That’s not a must, though.

Now, I tried out both of yesterday’s releases; Adaption and Isola. Took a certain liking to the Adaption theme, even applied it. Then the same old issue arose: ‘Featured images’. I tried to bring this to their attention about a year ago, but nothing has happened.

Blog themes handle ‘featured image’ differently, and that’s perfectly alright. What’s not alright is that there’s no [easy] way of going back in your posts and change your settings. What I want is the ability to go into my image library and filter ‘featured’. I don’t know how difficult that could be to imply, and maybe it’s just me who has a hang-up again. Not too many people would scroll back in my blog and see those ‘double’ photos, but still … it is my blog and I want to feel proud of it, even though I like to change theme every now and then.

So, for the moment, I’m back with My Life theme … even the title of it works for me :)


Tonight, while scrolling through my stream in Facebook, I laid eyes on an image that really spoke to me. It said:

Write … like no one’s reading!

That’s what I want to do, but not tonight because it’s very late, so I’ll save that for another post. Instead, I’ll just post a few photos of what hurricane Arthur did to Saint John. Oh, and by the way … it was fellow blogger C.B. Wentworth who posted that image.

on this day, one year ago

DSC_0261.NEFLast year, on this date, my ex-SIL and I were sitting out on her balcony, playing word games on our iPhones and smoking. It was a beautiful summer evening. All of a sudden, one of those breaking-news-things popped up on my phone from CNN. I don’t think I would have looked all that closely on it, had I not recognized the name of the town: Lac-Megantic! I’ve never been there, but after all, I did live in Quebec for five years, so I got familiarized with many place names. Also, there were all those pictures of the town in flames! I can never look at those railway cars the same way again after that, and besides … they who blew up in Lac-Megantic were headed for Saint John.

DSC_0262.NEFHere, we have them in the city centre, and thinking of that 48 people lost their lives there, I shudder to think of what would happen here. 
There are several hundreds of them, lined up at all times. A sad anniversary for sure!

Today, we had the questionable ‘pleasure’ of making Arthur’s acquaintance! He was a cat2 hurricane, but got downgraded to a tropical storm when he reached our chilly, Canadian waters. Nevertheless, he packed a powerful punch and the city has taken a great deal of damage in the way of fallen trees, power lines down everywhere, flooding in the usual areas. I saw a picture of a guy in a kayak on the parking lot outside Walmart. I’ve seen lots of photos on Facebook, of the damage, but haven’t been out myself, taking any.

loyalist_burialIt saddens me to see big old trees fallen. Uptown, in King’s Square, and the adjacent Loyalist burial grounds, there are at least three that have fallen.

It’s past midnight now, the raining has ceased and the winds have subsided so I’ll go to bed and sleep like a log. Up here, on the 9th floor, those winds make a terrible noise in the ventilation ducts and it sometimes sounds more scary than it really is.

G’Night, bloggeroos!




no photo challenge ~ happy 4th of july

There’s no WordPress weekly photo challenge to be found, at this time, so I can only assume they’re out celebrating the 4th of July or something. This might actually be a good thing, as it makes me write something instead of just posting a photo, which has been the case here lately.

Weather-wise, I’ve been so lucky I have no words! The whole province has suffered under a terrible heat wave, this last week, but here in Saint John and along the Fundy coast, we’ve enjoyed fog and a cool, little wind!

Today, when we went out to buy some groceries, as we’re anticipating hurricane [now tropical storm] Arthur tomorrow, the fog was dense. I didn’t even bother to bring my camera, like I always do otherwise. Still we took a drive through the park … if for nothing else, so to check up on the duckling situation.

IMG_0361Of the first batch I wrote about, which consisted of eight ducklings, there are only two remaining. I saw them today, and it’s really weird how they can be so different in size, coming from the same group! Here they are:

The one in the foreground, almost looks like and adult, but it does have a little fluff left. This was shot with the iPhone. It was quite amazing — they came walking up towards me, so close I could have grabbed them! The mother too!

DSC_2666Here are a few of the new batch, cute as can be! … this was shot the other day, with the regular camera.

Speaking of getting great wildlife shots with iPhone … I had one more, amazing experience there at the duck pond today! While shooting these ducklings, I noticed a groundhog, moseying around on the lawn. I happened to have a few peanuts in my pockets, so I threw them in his direction! He must have appreciated that so much, so he came waddling over to me and sniffed my iphone! :D Usually, they’re rather shy, and appear almost wary when they pick up peanuts you throw at them, but this guy must have become so used to us human beings — I could easily have patted him on his back!


I took this, while he had his nose up against the phone!

I hope my American blogging friends had a great 4th of July. Here we’ll be bracing for Arthur tomorrow — I think we’re already at the fringe!